Hey guys, so it feels like i haven’t typed an entry in years so i thought i would post one right now. Sorry for not posting often but i’ve been so stressed with homework and school that i didn’t find the time.

Besides that, can we just talk about that fact that christmas is literally around the corner (freaking out). I can not express to you guys how excited and siked i am for christmas, this is like the happiest time of the year ahhhhh!! So ill stop going on and on on how much i love christmas (listening to christmas music now of course XD with my hot chocolate), i wanted to talk about the real meaning of christmas.

I feel like i’ve always been excited about christmas for the presents but this year i’ve realized its about friends and sharing love with one another. Its not about materialistic things but about something that one cannot buy and that is love. Weirdly im so excited to making other people happy, just by saying something to them or by giving them a gift. I have noticed that as i got older and wiser, i saw the real reason of not only christmas but about life. This may be short and not make any sense but i just wanted to say that haha! I will be posting more soon, promise!!

lots of love,



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