How to deal with STRESS

Hey guys,

So here i am making another blog post because well today wasn’t the best day, in fact it was a really stressful day for me but thats ok! Everyone has those days right? I guess thats just one of the things that we all have to deal with, some more than others ūüė¶ I get anxious on allot of things, and i am usually a very stressful person , i worry about everything. Stressing out is in no way fun and its part of life but we need to learn to control ourselves to prevent it from happening often. Sometimes Stressing ¬†can make us stop from doing many things in life. It sometimes feels physically and mentally impossible to stop stressing out but here is some of my tips on how i cope with stress.

Tip number 1: Dont think about it too much

Tell yourself that it is ok that your feeling that way. If you find your self thinking or repeating it over and over again, it can make us even stress out more which is totally not the point. I often start questioning ¬†why i am stressing out so it makes me feel more stressed. Remember that it is ok to feel that way and don’t think about it too much, it will make you feel much more at ease and definitely stop you from stressing more.

Tip number 2: Take time out

When you find yourself feeling anxious, take some time out. When your stressing out, you cant think straight and wont be able to do anything about the situation, thats why its best for you to take some time out to relax. It will allow you to review the situation later and it will seem way less scary. What i like to do  is to go out of the room and get a drink of water and just think about nothing. This will always cool me down and i feel way more relaxed.

Tip number 3: Talk about it or write it down

When your stressed your mind basically goes bonkers and it is hard to see the situation as it really is, thats why it often helps to talk about it with a friend, This may be scary at first but it helps allot. They will see the situation from a different point of view and will see it in the way that it actually is, they would give you advice and i promise you, you will feel way more confident. If ¬†your very shy or if the situation is very private and you’d ¬†rather not talk about it with anyone else, write about it to yourself or on a blog. It will allow you to express all your thoughts onto a piece of paper. You will feel relieved.

Tip number 4: Do something fun

Doing something that you enjoy doing will make you feel happy, calm and most important of all DISTRACT you. For me, i like to listen to music because it allows me to go in a different place, where i don’t have to worry about things ( if you’d like song ideas for my next blog, comment!). Another thing i like doing is having a nice bath, it makes me feel warm and safe + you smell good. These are some of the things i’d do but it depends on different people because we are all unique in our own way.

These are some of the things i do when i am stressed out or feeling anxious. I hope this helped you guys out because feeling anxious sucks and it can really make you feel down. Just remember that its normal to feel that way and that we are all humans and we all do it. I was feeling stressed today and just by typing this blog, it already made me feel so much better! Since i’m new to this, please write down some ideas, i should talk about next! See you guys on my next blog!

Hope you guys liked this,




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